So excited to release our Pride Legends poster and prints! We illustrated this one with great joy.


Cheers to the spaces that allowed friends to meet, for our true selves to shine and paved the way for queer folk such as myself to feel welcome within a bar environment. Although I may not have been around for the existence of some of these venues, I am extremely grateful for the spaces they provided. I can only imagine dancing in the first Queer bar ever to come to life in Halifax in 1971, what an experience that would have been. Sadly to say we lost a very important staple this year ( MENZ ).


A go to for many queer peoples to have a great night. I can definitely say I’ve had multiple memorable nights that I will keep with me forever. I can’t wait to see what queer bars surface in the future.


Hang this poster with PRIDE!


Poster size: 18x24

Print size: 8x10

Pride Legends